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IMPORTANT NOTE: Posted teams are based upon initial evaluation and are subject to change. We want you, as players to have the best experience and get maximum opportunities for leadership and playing time, so teams may shift slightly in the coming weeks. 

14 Black

Head Coach: Hilary Adams

Asst. Coach: Cassidy Adams


Emelie Vinson

Olivia Acero

Chanley Wood

Eliana Muhr

Aila Brennan

Jocelyn Webster

Trinity Trimiar

Mckenna Fawcett

Peyton Milburn

Jovee Riness


14 Blue

Head Coach: Lexi Wolfgramm


Camila Accioly

Siyonaa Thakur

Elyzah Worthen

Kahlan Wiggins

Evelyn Arellano

Sophia Hickman

Addison Eby

Riley Powers

Sarah Enger

Addalyn Mansell

13 Black

Head Coach: Libby Robbins


Jasmin Chowdhary

Tanya Rajput

Athena Cabarrus

Anamaya Srivastava

Nevaeh Rojas-Meacham

Shelby Miller

Elaine Bogus

Addison Hansen

Sophia Cutler

Ahmed Ibrahim

12 Black

Head Coach: Kalani Gasper


Bluebird Silva

Kinley Sloan

Amelia Hankins

Kinley Warnick

Makenna Rakes

Caroline Gessel

Sophie Rezende

Taiyah Trimiar

Kalia Olive

Noa Salazar

12 Blue (Eagles Developmental Team)

Head Coach: Kehau Ha'o


Ruby Stoker

Hannah Longshore

Nyah Brock

Mckinley DePola

Grace Bezdijan

Ava Bezdijan

Izzy Moeller

Penelope Young

Andie Wilson

Vidhi Pandya

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